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  • Taeler Hendrix

Be Free With Your Authenticity

#TaelerArmy — This is YOUR life. Shouldn’t it be according to you? People say over and over and over that life is short so blah blah blah etc. I disagree with this and I’ll tell you why — name me one thing you do longer than living? There isn’t! If you aren’t busy living then you’re busy dying. So what does it cost you to be authentic? ZERO DOLLARS

Life is the single longest thing you’ll ever do! So why make it miserable? Days will feel long or short but life itself is the compilation of collected seconds spanning minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades… Day to day we experience living until one day when we don’t any longer. Put social media aside. Put all material possessions aside. Put negative feelings aside. If you could do the things you dreamed of as a child, what would they be? Envision yourself. It’s okay for goals to change or adjust as you grow! Loosen that chokehold that people try put on your progression & see yourself the way you were meant to be. The only thing that makes life short is the time we waste on negativity & regrets.

Adjusting your plans doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It means you are growing & being real with yourself. That’s 100% okay! It comes with knowledge &life experience that you didn’t have as a child. What’s best for you now may not have been the case at a different time. Stay focused. Every road trip needs pit stops. Just don’t turn those stops into your own road blocks. Your level 1 could be someone’s level 20. You never know. So stay focused on Y-O-U & where you’re going! As a kid, I wanted to be an Actress, Author, Pro Wrestler, World Traveler, Non-Profit Founder, in Magazines, & more. The degree to which I want some may have changed or where I want them to end up has changed over the years & for a long time I allowed that to dictate what success meant to me. Which was like opening the flood gates allowing myself to drown in everyone else’s opinions of me, my life, my talent/value. One day, I must of just been ready to finally see things a different way because it was like the curtain was lifted & I could see the daylight through my window. The sight wasn’t what I’d want to see every day for the rest of my life. What did I do? Learned the difference between a circle & cage. I broke free and changed my environment. Free to be myself & define my success for myself. I saw that I did succeed on almost every goal I ever had as a child just the degree to which I did was different. And that’s the unforeseen variables that often discourage on our journeys to success. The core of my goals remained the same with just little minute changes. The discouraged people (myself included at one time) waste lots of time over years with anxiety & negative feelings about things that can’t be changed or “what ifs.” The more I talk to people the more I see how that’s so common & it wasn’t just me. That’s wasted time that could easily turn into regret later on. If you talk to older people like I did when I worked at a nursing home, you’ll see it in their stories — regrets. Learn from others’ mistakes. Change your mindset to being free with your authenticity. If we don’t, before we know it, we’ve wasted so much of our precious time! I woke up one day & I’ll always be grateful that I did with a vibe that said I’ll waste no more time on things that don’t get me to where I want to go. Once you get there you realize certain people, places, & things are no longer for you & that’s okay as well! Wish it all well & carry on. You’re worth it. You can do it. Be free with your authenticity. You’ve got nothing lose & your whole life to gain! Be yourself & go after your dreams. Your goals don’t need to be someone else’s. Your success is defined by you only. In this crazy world we live in telling us what to be, how to look, what to buy, etc be free with your authenticity. Define your success. Make a plan. Adjust accordingly. Don’t waste your time. It may cost $0 to be yourself but regret costs more than most can pay in a lifetime. Some people aren’t meant to be Doctors, Architects & CEOs - that’s okay too! However, one thing to me is certain: we’re all meant to be the CEOs & Architects of our own lives! Design your plans & adjust it accordingly. Build the foundation to hold everything up. Hire, fire, & promote as necessary! It’s your time, your life, & you matter. Be free with your authenticity… — Taeler Hendrix

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