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  • Taeler Hendrix

I’m Going To Make YOU Proud!

#TaelerArmy — in a social media world pushing the material agenda & subliminally wanting you to be anything but YOUnique, you have to make a note to yourself. Be free with your authenticity. When presented with a choice, choose to be kind! Being kind doesn’t mean being less authentically you.

Kindness isn’t a pie. Choosing to be kind is recognizable growth in yourself. Being yourself doesn’t mean stay as you are good or bad. It’s capturing the opportunities life gives you to be better than you were. You’re allowed to be both an inspiration & a work in progress. It’s okay to not always feel okay. Bettering yourself is always a win even when it feels like a loss. Remember your why. Make a note to yourself: I’m going to make YOU proud.

You have to love/be proud of yourself regardless of whether or not others recognize their love for you & pride for who you are. It starts & ends with Y-O-U. Be the adult you needed as a child. You’re worth it & the kid you were deserves it! You owe it to the kid you were who made way for you the adult you became. That’s always my note to myself & I’m passing that onto you! “All you need is love, guts, & gumption.” — TH

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