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Let's Marvel At These Superheroes

#TaelerArmy - Yes guys, pun intended! Lol. I must say I was wicked pumped reading your responses on Twitter for who YOUR favorite Marvel superhero is!! I love comic books. Marvel - DC - Dark Horse. Yeah I went there lol. So seeing ya'll talking back 'n forth is pretty cool to me! Yay #TaelerArmy Community!

I'm a HUGE Captain America fan. Love The Scarlet Witch & Silver Surfer - I mean seriously, what's not cool about being Magnetos kids? Although, depending on what you're reading, Wanda could be a villain... I feel like Punisher & Deadpool are antiheroes but I love em anyway! I like Spider-man. I love Jean Grey as both The Phoenix & The Dark Phoenix. I'd of sunk my teeth into that role!

A few mentioned Gambit! Freaking AWESOME! The actor who played Sawyer on Lost would of made a great Gambit! Psylocke Heck yeah! Dude, Black Panther film was AWESOME! I really enjoy Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal of Iron Man. Now I can't imagine that role as anyone else. Another antihero but I love regardless is Venom!

When I was wicked young I was crazy for the 90s X-men! Funny thing was, was that I didn't know it was X-men! I really liked Rogue & Wolverine from the animated series! Loved that & Captain Planet, ya know he's our hero! LOL. So fun to be a fan of things! To have a community of positivity & open discussions! I didn't have that growing up as a fan of this 'n that. 3yrs ago, I couldn't imagine what I'm blessed with today. The Taeler Army is already killing it in 2020, now ain't that a Marvel 📷📷🏻.

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