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We All Need This!

#TaelerArmy — Real Talk: we could all use a little pep talk every now & then! We’re allowed to be BOTH a work in progress & inspiration to others. Be kind! The Taeler Army Community is by far 1 of my favorite things. As a young wrestling fan getting bullied & just downright a misfit floating between different cliche groups, I didn’t have a supportive place to be myself & feel accepted.

The Jocks, The Goths, The Nerds, The Drama Club, The Musicians, The Hippies… I never had 1 place to go where I 100% fit in. I floated. I played hacky sack & skateboarded. I was in the Honor Society. Captain of the Debate Team. Drama Club. Wrote songs for bands. On the Track Team, Softball Teams, Bowling Teams, Sparring Team. I floated bc I could fit into this or that with so many different interests. However diverse, it leaves one lonely & vulnerable. Easily targeted. 98% of the people I knew had outgrown Pro Wrestling.

Growing up like that, I find it AMAZING when I ask questions on social media & get to read your answers & seeing other Taeler Fans interact with each other! How cool is that? Such a blessing to see such inclusion/acceptance. That’s due to all of YOU & it matters!

2020 is now almost here, let’s start lining up goals to smash through together — beginning with choosing to be kind! We need more “Kindness in our Culture” — Human to Human kindness that is. We’re all people when we strip away the layers of circumstances. We should draw more attention to the good in the world! We aren’t our circumstances, we are human beings.

There’s a lot of positive things going on out there & we (The Taeler Army) are 1 of them. Being a guy is badass. Being a girl is fierce. Being broke makes you an experienced survivalist. Finding love after 70 is a gift to celebrate. Being a single parent doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you a superhero! Paternity leave needs to be more a thing! Overcoming trauma is hard AF but you’re worth it — keep pushing forward! Age is just a number! Keep challenging yourself to be better. Learn to love yourself…

Promote what you love instead of what you hate & choose to be kind. You matter! I’m proud to have you be a part of the Taeler Army! So let’s be free with our own authenticities. There may be imitators out there, BUT there’s NOTHING quite like the #TaelerArmy! We are a bunch of misfits, but together, we’re a community of kindness & wicked epicness! We are The Revolutionary Underground. Our voices will be heard. — #HailHendrix

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